Acoustic Partitions – Acoustic Mezzanine Floors

Do you need a mezzanine floor but have concerns about the noise to office space above or below the mezzanine floor.  Here at 2h Storage we provide mezzanine floors with built in acoustic materials to reduce both air born and structure-borne sound that travels through the structure of a mezzanine floor.

We also offer a range of acoustic office partitions and sound reducing ceiling tiles which we use in conjunction with other specialist products such as acoustic office screens to reduce noise from above or below mezzanine floors.

We can help with the whole project offering consultation, survey, design, CAD drawings, manufacture, and specification advice for the acoustic element. We can manage the building regulations and make sure your project will comply with the required safety considerations. We can also project manage associated trades and equipment to make sure your project runs smoothly and does not take up your valuable time.

We can also retro fit acoustic materials to existing mezzanine floors and offices when sound travel is an issue. If you are considering a mezzanine floor and want to speak to a company that understands both mezzanine floors and acoustic partitions give our design team a call today on 01937 585057.