Carton Live Storage

Carton live storage is a racking system which uses the FIFO system which reduces the time that assembly operators need to be involved in organising replenishment.

Gravity carton flow storage systems for boxes which helps to reduce order preparation times and increase productivity and avoids idle times. Carton live storage is particularly suited for the supply of VDA/KLT containers but can also be used with many other types of plastic bins, containers, cardboard boxes or cartons.

Carton flow racks, as they are also known, are made up is made up of inclined roller tracks,where the goods are fed in at the higher end of the lane and slide down gently down by the force of gravity towards the pick face.  and the exit aisle at the other end.  These racks are designed for areas in the warehouse where there is large picking volumes.  Carton flow racks increase the quantity of immediately accessible goods and minimise the distance that order pickers need to travel to prepare each order.

Depending on the goods or the storage units, carton live storage system can be used with different shelving and racking types such as Kanban shelving, boltless shelving or pallet racking.

 Carton Live StorageAdvantages

  • Cost effective and flexibly
  • Automatic stock replenishment
  • FIFO System (first box in is first box out)
  • Containers travel gravity-driven to the picking face
  • All stock items are presented neatly and easy to find
  • Higher number of SKUs at the front of the picking face
  • Reduced time spent preparing orders
  • Better use of space