Carton Live Storage

Carton live storage is a racking system which uses the  FIFO (First In First Out) system which reduces the time that assembly operators need to be involved in organising replenishment. Carton live is ideal for high-density picking as goods are immediately accessible, and pickers do not need to cover large distances to complete an order.

This simple yet practical storage system is made up of shelves that have beds of small rollers built into them.  They are set at a slight incline so the gentle force of gravity allow products to slide down the rollers to the pick face.  Subsequent cartons are loaded on behind. Carton live storage is particularly suited for the supply of VDA/KLT containers but can also be used with many other types of plastic bins, containers, cardboard boxes or cartons.

A carton live shelving system can be used in a variety of storage setups, including shortspan, longspan and racking systems. A successful and well-designed system can greatly reduce a warehouse operative’s travel distance, further increasing productivity.

Depending on the goods or the storage units, carton live storage system can be used with different shelving and racking types such as Kanban shelving, bolt-less shelving or pallet racking.

Carton Live Flow GraphicCarton Live Shelving Advantages

  • Cost effective and flexibly
  • Automatic stock replenishment
  • FIFO System (first box in is first box out)
  • Containers travel gravity-driven to the picking face
  • All stock items are presented neatly and easy to find
  • Higher number of SKUs at the front of the picking face
  • Reduced time spent preparing orders
  • Better use of space

Carton Live Shelving


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