Date:July 22, 2016

Packaging Automation System Yorkshire

Multi-tier mezzanine floor automated packaging system for multi-site shoe retailer Yorkshire

Project requirements: Functional design specification, mechanical, electrical, controls and control programming, installation and commissioning of fully automated and computer logic controlled conveyor and packing system.

Project investment: CIRCA £100K

Project detail: 2h Storage Solutions carried out the complete design, build, installation and commissioning of fully automated picking and dispatch system.

Professional Partners: Interroll conveyors, Opensoft Systems Ltd controls, automation logic and electrical design works, Minster Plumbing & Heating Ltd electrical installations and onsite design works.

conveyor design drawings

Design installation and commissioning of a fully automated multi-tier mezzanine floor picking and dispatch system to include multiple runs of gravity, powered belt, powered roller conveyors auto case sealer taper machine and automated plastic banding machine.

conveyor system design drawings


conveyor drawings

Equipment arrives on site:

automation system

packaging machine

Installation begins

conveyor rollers installation

Automation and electrical installation begins.

automated conveyor system installation

The team from Opensoft and Minster   Electrical discussing the optimum system design and functionality.

conveyor systems electrical installation

automation system

Mechanical installation team, electrical installation team and customer watch the first test boxes make their maiden voyage on the conveyor.

material handling equipment

testing electrical installation of conveyor system

The team from Opensoft complete the I O testing of the electrical installation.

Programmable logic controller

Logic is loaded onto Programmable logic controller and Human Machine Interface.

roller conveyor

automated packaging systems

First boxes go through the auto case sealer (taping machine)

overhead conveyor

overhead conveyor system

automated conveyor system

conveyor rollers

Control cabinet and end of line work station.