Post-COVID19 – Warehouses, factories, distribution centers

COVID19 has changed the way we work. Warehouses, factories, distribution centres and processing plants across the county have had to put in new measures to keep operations running and staff safe.

This current coronavirus crisis is changing our collective mindset which is going to have a lasting impact on all industries.  COVID19 is a serious public health emergency and businesses now have to consider the risks to their workers and visitors. Employers have the legal responsibility to protect workers and visitors to their warehouses and factories.

The government has set up guidance for people who work in or run factories, plants and warehouses.  As retails shops study the destruction left by COVID, distribution centre proprietors are confronting an alternate issue: how to manage record request. The pandemic is provoking a scramble for stockroom space.

The greatest online retailer who has profited the most is obviously the juggernaut that is Amazon. With massive growth and thousands more jobs being created, Amazon is set to continue its dominance.

With the rest of the retail space it’s all about getting up to speed. Companies are now taking a look at their websites and looking into internet marketing and promoting methodologies. Warehouses and distribution centres are all trying to improve operational effectiveness. Putting procedures in place to cope with this so called new normal.

Many manufacturers have used this downtime to reflect on their business and strategic priorities. It is a great time to look at modernizing tools, technologies, and automating processes.
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