Anti Collapse Mesh and Pallet Racking Safety Screens

Do you need anti collapse mesh safety screens for the back of rack protection? The purpose of anti-collapse back of rack safety screens is to stop product or items falling from a collapsing or badly stacked pallet.

It you have a single rack as opposed to a double rack (often called single entry and double entry racks) and it does not back a wall it will require anti-collapse mesh to protect people walking at the rear of the rack the side that is not loaded and unloaded.

This means that any product or items that fall from a pallet at a higher level will either be held within the mesh or will fall within the rack minimising the danger of injury. The HSE have recently prosecuted companies where this has happened in very serious case a member of the public died after a paper roll fell from a pallet in a cash and carry outlet.

design-drawing-of-block-drive n pallet racking and APR

The drawing above shows a block of drive in pallet racking and some APR to the middle of the drawing where the end single rack is against an open space near a roller shutter door anti-collapse mesh is required for the reasons detailed above.

Below shows images of the mesh in the finished project:

Close up of of Anti Collapse Mesh Safety Screens
Installation of Anti Collapse Mesh
If you need anti-collapse mesh for pallet racking or mesh partitioning for work area segregation give our pallet racking design team a call and we will come to your site and provide a free of charge design.

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