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Warehouse Management

Step into Automation: Fully Automated AS/RS Solutions

Embrace the future of warehouse management with a fully automated automated storage and retrieval system (AS/RS). We ensure optimal efficiency in order fulfillment through cost-effective strategies, utilizing cutting-edge technologies like unit load AS/RS and mini load AS/RS.

Precision in Action: Vertical Lift Module (VLM) Systems

Experience precision in storage and retrieval with our Vertical Lift Module (VLM) systems. These advanced automation solutions seamlessly handle large quantities of items, streamlining your storage and retrieval processes.

Swift and Precise Handling: Mini Load AS/RS

Unlock the potential of Mini Load AS/RS, designed for precise handling of smaller quantities with swift and accurate retrieval. Our AS/RS solutions redefine modern warehouse landscapes, ensuring a seamless and cost-effective approach to order fulfillment.

Tailored Innovation: Choose Your AS/RS Solution

Choose innovation, choose a fully automated AS/RS solution tailored to your needs, and elevate your warehouse operations. If you need help designing a new warehouse layout with AS/RS, book your free site survey and design consultation by calling our team today at 01937 585057 in Yorkshire.

Automation Excellence: ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System)

Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) solutions utilize advanced technologies for inventory management, placing and retrieving items from specific storage points. Systems like unit load ASRS and mini load ASRS enhance efficiency and minimize human intervention in storage and retrieval processes.

Bulk Management: Unit Load ASRS

Unit load ASRS efficiently manages bulk storage and retrieval of larger quantities stored as a single unit.

Precision for Smaller Quantities: Mini Load ASRS

Mini Load ASRS caters to smaller quantities, storing items in trays or columns for precise and swift retrieval.

Vertical Optimization: Vertical Lift Module (VLM)

Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs) consist of automated storage systems with columns of trays, storing items in a vertical arrangement. An inserter-extractor mechanism optimizes space utilization and enhances order picking efficiency.

Carousel Efficiency: Vertical and Horizontal Carousels

Vertical carousels and horizontal carousels rotate to bring items to the operator, minimizing retrieval time and optimizing storage density.

Efficiency and Accuracy: Inserter-Extractor Mechanisms

Inserter-extractor mechanisms in vertical lift modules facilitate swift retrieval and placement of items, ensuring efficiency and accuracy in inventory management.

Space-Saving Excellence: Automated Storage and Retrieval Installations

Compared to conventional solutions, automated storage and retrieval installations occupy less floor space, reduce travel time by over 80%, and result in a high picking performance. The ergonomic layout of the picking area reduces information and picking times.

Future-Ready Solutions: High-Density AS/RS Systems

Modern warehouse management systems must provide reliability and flexibility for future needs. 2h Storage Solutions’ high-density AS/RS systems offer benefits such as:

High Density Storage

Efficiently utilizing space to store a maximum number of items within a confined area.

Increased Shipping and Receiving Productivity

Higher efficiency in sending out and accepting goods, leading to faster turnaround times and smoother logistics operations.

Savings from Reduced Product Damage

Realizing cost savings by minimizing product damage, resulting in decreased financial losses from spoiled or damaged goods.

Automated picking and storage systems

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