Warehouse Automation Equipment

automated packaging systemsThe only way to deliver products quickly and efficiently and remain competitive is by having the right warehouse automation equipment. Warehouses equipped with automated storage and retrieval systems (ASRS) coupled with RFID technology can reap serious financial benefits.  By maximizing storage space and reducing overall operating costs, warehouse automation equipment can seriously improve operations.

Are you looking for automation companiesthat can offer a complete turn key solution for a bespoke automated warehouse solutions? Perhaps you are looking for some warehouse automation equipment to integrate into your current system?  2h Storage solutions is here to help.

Automatic Storage & Retrieval Systems
(ASRS system)

An ASRS system consists of a variety of computer-controlled systems for automatically placing and retrieving goods from defined storage locations. Ideal for applications where high volumes of SKU’s move in-and-out and where accurate real time data is kept on inventory. We offer a number of high-capacity ASRS warehouse automation systems with load handling devices for single deep, double deep and multi deep storage.

Shrink Wrap Machine

s all depending on a number of factors. First its about what from of shrink wrap you wish to use.  There are tubing, bags, and centerfold forms of shrink wrap. Determining the best form of shrink wrap is important when deciding on a shrink wrap machine.  Then its thinking about the dimensions of the largest items you need to be shrink wrapped.

Banding Machine

Banding machines are also known and strapping or bundling machines. They apply a strap to an item to combine, hold, reinforce, or fasten it.  Straps come in Polypropylene, Polyester and steel.  There are many types of strapping machines which can be used to pack a wide range of products.  Hand strapping tools are used manually or battery operated.  There are semi-automatic strapping machines and completely automated strapping machines. Also pallet strapping machines for palletised products.

Packaging Machine

Warehouse packaging machines are used in all types of industries. Cushioning products, bagging, strapping boxes or wrapping pallets are all processes that can be made faster, cheaper and more efficient by packaging machines. Benefits include speeding up the packaging process which increases efficiency and saving space in your warehouse.

Box Taping Machine

Box taping machines, also known as carton sealers or taping machines are available in a number of various specifications.  Some will help in sealing different sizes of cartons or boxes without adjusting.

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