Shuttle Racking

Shuttle racking (AR Shuttle) can work either as FIFO (First in- Last out) or as LIFO (Last in, First out). This is a high-density compact storage solution that uses powered shuttles to automatically carry loads into the rack. This method allows for loading to be done from one side with a forklift truck and the unloading on the opposite side with another.

It works by using an electric carriage called a Pallet Shuttle which is used to store and extract the pallets. The system automates the placement of pallets in the storage lane reducing loading and unloading cycle times.

This pallet shuttle racking system is ideal for food and beverage production and distribution, dairy products, high value SKUs and fast moving low SKU products.  Also this type of system can be combined with other racking systems which can maximise productivity.

The operator controls all the processes for storing and extracting pallets simply by using a remote control or Wi-Fi enabled tablet. (right)  This very easy to use rechargeable remove control can manage up to 4 shuttles within a range of 150 metres.  The LED screen displays the chosen operation and relevant information such as the number of pallets.

The use of automated shuttles in place of forklifts during the storage process not only reduces the risk of accidents, but also the maintenance costs resulting from damage of the rack.


  • Unique high-density functionality
  • Reduces risk of accidents
  • Allows a higher number of product types to be stored
  • Time required to store and extract pallets reduced
  • Reduces operating costs
    • The number of fork trucks and operators required is reduced, no need for lighting about racking, less damage to goods including racking repair & maintenance, running costs of temperature/humidity controlled systems and reducing the storage cube required with the associated rent/overheads
  • Damage Reduction
    • the forklift does not enter into the aisles
  • Increased productivity due to higher product flow
  • Maximised productivity
    • Can be combined with other racking systems
  • Ideal for cold storage warehouses

Over the years we have successfully installed many material handling systems including shuttle racking.  Contact 2hssl today for more information on 01937 585057.