Stormor Shelving



Stormor Shelving is a versatile and adjustable shelving system which is popular in office and commercial environments where the shelving is more likely to be on show to customers and visitors.

Stormor shelving ranges comprise of three upright types mono, duo and solo.  It is designed to provide complete solutions to store a wide range of office or smaller parts items with a wide range of accessories like dividers, hanging rails, pigeon holes and compartment options.


[column col=”1/3″]stormor monoMono frames are open frame systems.[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]stormor SoloSolo frames are closed one piece uprights.[/column]

[column col=”1/3″]stormor duo

Duo frames are closed dual frame systems.[/column]


adjustable shelves stormorYou can adapt stomor shelving for future needs as each frame style and accessories use a common fitting.  Accessories feature clip-in fitting (see image on the left) so that any changes are quickly and easily made.

One major advantage of Stormor Shelving are the slim profile shelves and frames which give runs of shelving a neat co-ordinated appearance.


Stormor StorageSuitable for:

  • Document Storage
  • Lever Arch Files
  • Hanging and Box Files
  • Retail Storage
  • Industrial Storage
  • Small Parts
  • Garment Storage
  • Electronic Components


Stormor Accessories

Stormor Accessories - garment hanging Stormor Accessories - Plastic Drawers Stormor Accessories - bin front Stormor Accessories - document storage