Cantilever Racking

Cantilever Racking

Cantilever racking is the ideal system for storing long loads of varying lengths whether light or heavy weight.   They are a cost effective way to store heavy items such as metal beams, long pieces of timber, metal sheets, pipes, plastic sheets, plasterboard, or any other bulky goods.

We offer a broad range of uprights and cantilever arm profiles with numerous material strengths and designs.  Single or double sided cantilever racking and wall mount cantilever racks are available.  For long and heavy loads you will need a heavy duty cantilever shelving system.  There is also the option of having mobile cantilever racking which makes the most of available space by placing cantilever racking on mobile bases.  These racks are simple and easy to assemble and very reliable.


  • Ideal for long loads
  • Great storage capacity
  • Easy to install and reconfigure
  • Store any type of load from pallets to timber
  • Fully adjustable
  • Additional arms and bays can be added
  • Easy accessibility

A cantilever racking system provides you with plenty of flexibility because they allow you to decide on the height and widths and arm lengths of the cantilever shelves.  If your storage needs grow and your load volumes increase, this racking system can be easily and quickly extended with add-on bays.  Also, all systems are fully adjustable based on pre-drilled upright centers.

Systems can be finished in a range of standard colours or can be galvanised for storing applications outdoors.  The racking configuration will take into consideration the dimensions and weight of your products and available warehouse space.

Mobile Cantilever Racks

Mobile cantilever racks can be used to store both light and heavy-weight long items.  The mobile base and built-in motors allows the structure to move along rails set in the floor.  These make the most of available storage space by placing racking on mobile bases.

Mobile Cantilever Racking

Heavy Duty Cantilever Racks

Heavy duty cantilever racking are often used to store lumber racking or timber storage racking systems. Industrial cantilever racks which are totally adjustable and quick and simple to assemble. Racking is especially designed to store long and heavy loads such as beams, profiles, pipes and timber.

Heavy Duty Cantilever Shelving

Lightweight Cantilever Racks

Light duty cantilever shelving are ideal for manually storing lightweight beams, timber and pipes etc.  These single sided cantilever racks are simple to assemble. Arms can be fitted on one or both sides of the shelving system.

Light Duty Cantilever Galvanised

Dexion cantilever racking is a high quality popular brand we can supply.  But we often have used racking for sale.  So get in touch regardless of your budget.

Long Load Storage for the North East

Storing long loads has always been difficult, but these rack racking systems are the solution.  Regardless of what your trying to store, be it long timber lengths or pipes,  cantilever racks are a great solution.

Below are case studies from some of our successful racking installations. Over the years we have successfully installed many material handling systems including all types of pallet racking, mezzanine floors, industrial shelving and full automated warehouse systems.

To view all our project click here.

Buy Cantilever Racks

If you are looking to save warehouse space with a cantilever storage system, we are here to help. Contact us today on 01937 585057 if you have any questions about coiled, galvanized, lightweight or heavy duty cantilever systems. If you are not sure what racking, take a look here for a full list of warehouse racking solutions.

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