Mezzanine Floor Installation Leeds

Mezzanine Floor Installation for Response Trade counter in Middleton Leeds Yorkshire

Project requirements: Design, technical and structural loadings, delivery, installation.

Project investment: £6K

Project detail: 2h Storage Solutions were responsible for the design structural calculations CAD drawings and installation of this mezzanine floor, while keeping the business fully operational in Leeds, West Yorkshire.

Being a local company to Leeds we asked to quote for this mezzanine floor project and provide both the most competitive price and made the process easy to understand. After a couple of minor revisions the drawings were signed off and the mezzanine floor manufactured and installed by our installation team.

This installation was completed in 2 working days with the minimum disruption to the customer business. We have since been invited back to site to look at other storage solutions.

Mezzainine Floor Drawings


BeforeMezzanine Floor Installation Leeds


After Mezzanine Floor Installation leeds
Mezzanine Floor Installation Leeds