Mobile Shelving Installation North Yorkshire

Mobile Shelving Installation for Laboratory in North Yorkshire

Provimi Cargill in Thirsk, North Yorkshire approached us to provide the perfect solution for the storage of batch samples of product, produced at one of their UK mills.  As part of the business expansion plans an on-site laboratory has been constructed to test and store samples of product.  The product has to be stored for an agreed amount of time yet remain accessible if required for testing.

The challenge was to provide a storage solution that maximised the storage density within the available space of the new laboratory.  We carried out a detailed site survey with an extensive consultation about how the product needed to be stored.  The conclusion established that the most desirable storage solution was a mobile shelving unit.

Mobile shelving systems have welded steel bases and offer the longest, heaviest and most durable system for the most demanding of applications. (see images below)  Mobile shelving units allow an access aisle to be created only when and where needed; all the remaining space can be occupied by shelving bays to store product.  This type of shelving system provides the greatest storage density.

Heavy duty mobile storage systems are typically designed with longer runs, helping to maximise storage capacity.   They are operated via a hand wheel or can be automated if required.  They are geared to match the bay loads, ensuring a smooth and light operation when opening aisles.  Heavy duty bases can be used with a range of shelving systems to best meet the customer’s specific requirements.

Mobiles systems can be either direct or chain driven and the tracks are laid to exacting tolerance with either an infill floor or prior to screeding.  The infill floor will prevent trip hazards from exposed rails and the floor can be covered to match the surrounding décor.  The system was tested to British Standard BS EN 14073-2:2004 and is ISO 9001 quality approved.

The entire mobile shelving system was installed and fully commissioned within 2 weeks and has the capacity to store over 5000 boxes.

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