Packaging Machines

automated packaging systemsPackaging machines are machines that complete stages of the packaging process and are used in all types of industries. Packaging machines are becoming more and more advanced so that they can meet current demands but also so that they are ‘future proof’.

There are many different types of packaging machines available such as sealing machines, filling machines, wrapping machines, labeling machines,  coding machines and many others.  Cushioning products, bagging, strapping boxes or wrapping pallets are all processes that can be made faster, cheaper and more efficient by packaging machines.

Benefits include speeding up the packaging process which increases efficiency and saves space in your warehouse. You get better working conditions and can reduce your labor costs.

There are two major types of packing machines; automatic and semi automatic packing machines. The choice of packaging machinery depends on a number factors,  available budget, payback period, associated running costs, integration, machine technology and available floor space.

Here at 2h Storage Solutions we can deliver complete packaging solutions for customers needing any type of automated packaging machines including shrink wrapping, banding machines, complete automated packaging through to full warehouse management systems.

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