Rustoleum Warehouse Fit Out

Comprehensive Turnkey Solution – Unique Warehouse Fit-Out for Tor Coatings/Rustoleum

2h Storage Solutions orchestrated a bespoke warehouse fit-out for Tor Coatings, redefining the space within an institutional-grade structure.

The venture demanded a multifaceted approach, catering to diverse dispatch needs across various product categories with varying hazard levels. Our execution adhered meticulously to UK Building Regulations, FM Global data sheets, and a spectrum of industry stipulations including COMAH regulations and the British Aerosol Manufacturers’ Association (BAMA) guidelines.

Our scope encompassed the seamless provision, transit, precision installation, and activation of the following elements:

  • VNA Pallet Racking boasting an impressive 12,000 pallet positions
  • PLC Control System, ingeniously automated and seamlessly integrated with Siemens controls, featuring cutting-edge pills relays
  • A 6-meter high Mezzanine Floor, expertly designed and skillfully constructed atop the existing floor slab, leveraging advanced engineering techniques to conquer slab detailing challenges
  • A purpose-built Picking Station gracing the mezzanine floor
  • Thoughtfully positioned Conveyors linking the picking station to dispatch on the ground floor, neatly tucked beneath the mezzanine’s expanse
  • An Aerosol Cage Enclosure, believed to be the largest of its kind in the UK
  • An FM-approved Sprinkler System, spanning from standing units to roof and rack-mounted sprinklers, ensuring comprehensive fire protection
  • Automated Lighting, meticulously calibrated to meet and exceed requisite lux levels
  • This exceptional warehouse fit-out not only met Tor Coatings’ immediate operational needs but also set a new standard for functional, compliant, and cutting-edge industrial spaces.