Stock Pickers

Stock PickersJLG Driveable Stock Pickers are ideal for transporting goods as well as carrying out maintenance. Each of the models below have zero turning radius which gives exceptional maneuverability.  They each have a built-in automatic charger which means less downtime on the job.  They offer one-hand operation which gives increased operator comfort and the 20MSP can elevate and descent at various speeds.

To buy a stock picker or hire one for any period of time call us on 01937 585 057 for more information.

The difference in specs of the 3 models are:


  • Machine Width: 2ft 6in
  • Platform Height: 10ft
  • Working Height: 16ft
  • Maximum Drive Height: 10ft
  • Maximum Lift Height 10ft
  • Platform Capacity 350lb


  • Machine Width: 2ft 6in
  • Platform Height: 15ft 3in
  • Working Height: 21ft 3in
  • Maximum Drive Height: 15ft 3in
  • Maximum Lift Height 15ft
  • Platform Capacity 500lb


  • Machine Width: 2ft 6in
  • Platform Height: 19ft 5in
  • Working Height: 25ft 5in
  • Maximum Drive Height: 19ft 5in
  • Maximum Lift Height 19ft
  • Platform Capacity 400lb