Vertical Carousel Storage Systems

vertical carousel storage system

Carousel Material Handling System

Vertical picking storage carousels are automated warehouse and supply chain systems that utilize the goods-to-person principle.  They are perfectly suited for goods with a high picking frequency and for similarly sized inventory.  An ASRS storage system using vertically rotating shelves.  It uses a series of bins mounted on a vertical oval track inside a large cabinet.  When commanded, the bins will rotate along the track to bring items to the operator.  The motion is similar to a Ferris wheel.  Integrated computer controls allow you to perform activities from simple transactions to full inventory control.  They are a dynamic solution that users vertically rotating shelves to bring stored items to the access point for the system operator.

The ideal solution is to increase stock efficiency, improve the working environment and save a lot of space.   Effectively a vertical carousel is a vertical storage system that looks like a large vending machine that fully utilises any available height.  ASRS storage systems can be adapted and customised for almost any purpose.  However there needs to be enough overhead space.

Unlike conventional storage solutions,  carousel storage systems minimize the risk of order picking errors. This is because users have a complete overview of exactly where each stored goods are in the system.

Automated vertical carousel systems allow for efficient storage of a wide range of storage products. Ideal for bulk goods through to very small parts.  They can be individually subdivided by height to meet the needs of specific applications using self-supporting intermediate shelves. With a combination of drawers flaps and dividers.  Small parts storage carousel using standard containers.

Automated vertical or horizontal carousels are a popular system used in many distribution centers around the world.  They efficiently deliver any type of product to the operator, yielding a low-floor-space way of storing, securing, and retrieving anything.

Benefits of Warehouse Vertical Carousel Storage Systems

  • Authorised access

    Authorised access via password security.  Enter the authorized password and part number and quantity needed. Parts are automatically retrieved and delivered through a safe, convenient access window.

  • Space saving

    By utilizing vertical storage space, a vertical carousel offers more high-density storage capacity per cubic foot than other types of systems on the market.  Store up to 25 times more product per square foot than conventional shelving freeing up floor space.

  • Controlling and managing inventory

    Every parts withdrawal can be recorded via video camera and is time and date stamped.  Records show which parts were dispensed and the person who withdrew.

  • High throughput

    A single worker can be as productive as three workers picking from static shelving.

  • Modularity

    Due to the modular design, the unit height can be adapted quickly and cost-effectively for any changes in the workplace.

  • Labor savings

    Goods are automatically brought to the operator, saving unproductive time otherwise spent moving around and searching.

  • Ergonomic benefits

    No more bending down, reaching, or climbing.  All items are brought to the picker at an ergonomic level which in turn increases worker safety and productivity.

  • Customisable

    Units can be customized to specific heights and capacities.

  • Security and Control

    They offer a great level of security compared with other types of storage systems. Unlike aisles of unprotected open bins, vertical carousels can be locked down completely.

Used in several industries including manufacturing and finished goods, retail and apparel, machine building, information achieving, and warehouse applications.  Ergonomically pick & handle for storage of various items for order picking.

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Carousel automated storage system

Vertical Carousels Video

Below you can see the inside workings of vertical carousel storage and retrieval system: