Mezzanine Floors

BespokeMezzanineFloor North Yorkshire Case StudyAre you looking for a mezzanine floor in Yorkshire or the North East? Here at 2h Storage Solutions we offer a full survey, design, manufacture and installation service for all types of mezzanine floors. Our bespoke mezzanine flooring give your business the extra space you need and save the expense and disruption of moving to a larger building.

With over a decade of experience in supplying mezzanine floors to a wide range of business you benefit from our experience in designing and installing mezzanine floors from small retail spaces through to complex multi-tiered installations for picking systems and other applications.

Unlike many of our competitors we can take care of the entire project which includes:

  • Free no obligation site survey
  • Design service including CAD designs
  • Building Regulations and planning are adhered so safety regulations are met
  • Professional installation by our 2H Storage team


The mezzanine floors we install are considered to be industry leading in design and quality, we avoid cutting calculations down to the finest tolerances leaving our customers safe in the knowledge their mezzanine floors will be sturdy and durable. We know that price is also an important factor and although we never compromise on quality we believe in a good honest Yorkshire value for money approach.

You will benefit from our full and detailed service from the initial design survey through to design and drawings works. We consult and design to meet building regulations approval and offer a full manufacture and installation on site.

We can incorporate a mezzanine floor into other space planning requirements for warehouses, offices, retail and other commercial property requirements. We can also extend and alter your existing mezzanine floors.

For a competitive and quality mezzanine floor project call our design team here at 2h Storage Solutions in Yorkshire North Leeds just off the A1 on 01937 585057.

Mezzanine Floor Installations by 2H Storage Solutions

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Mezzanine Floor Installation Leeds

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Types of Mezzanine Floors

There are several types of mezzanine floor installations we offer our clients. Below are some of the different solutions depending on the requirement.

Industrial Mezzanine Floors

Industrial mezzanines allow you to utilise extra roof space in warehouses to increase production. By expanding your space with a mezzanine floor you can double your production and storage space and save relocation costs and the inconvenience of moving to a new property. [layerslider id="8"]

Manufacturing Mezzanine Floors

Manufacturing mezzanine floors again allow you to utilise extra roof space in manufacturing warehouses to increase production or storage space. With a mezzanine floor you will double your production and storage space with minimal disruption and no relocation costs. [layerslider id="10"]

Office Mezzanine Floors

Office mezzanine floors are the perfect way to create extra space for new offices. We can install mezzanines in an existing office unit or above a manufacturing space or any other type of business premises. [layerslider id="11"]

Two Tier Mezzanine

Two tier mezzanine installations are a simple money saving option for commercial and industrial businesses. Suitable for a variety of locations including offices, warehouses, factories and retail stockrooms. two tier mezzanine floor

Acoustic Partitions

Do you need a mezzanine floor but have concerns about the noise to office space above or below the mezzanine floor. Here at 2h Storage we provide mezzanines with built in acoustic materials to reduce both air born and structure-borne sound that travels through the structure of a mezzanine floor. Click here to read more...