Relocation – Pallet Racking Design and Layout

Many companies have a need to relocate their warehouses or production facilities. When a suitable warehouse or production facility is located, there are plenty opportunities to improve efficiency, change warehouse layouts and re map work flow to maximise the use of the new site. Each relocation project comes with unique challenges and  detailed planning and communication in the beginning is paramount.

Pallet Racking Design and Layout

One very important consideration is the warehouse pallet racking design and layout. It takes time to make sure you achieve the optimum layout for your warehouse. It is important to get your project brief right so that accurate and detailed layout drawings can be drafted.  A good pallet racking supplier, pallet racking distributor or pallet racking installer should take the time to ask you the right type of questions and carefully review your design brief and storage requirements.  This is what we do here.  To make sure you achieve the maximum benefits and most cost effective solution for your unique requirements.

This can be done from the design drawings of your new building or from a site survey of an existing building. So this is something that is best organised a few months prior to the move so you can get your pallet racking installed as soon as you take possession of your new premises. This will of course minimise the period that you are without your vital storage equipment.


Richard Haynes has been in the industrial warehouse industry for many years.