Banding Machines

Fully automated banding machines are the most efficient method for securing boxes, cartons and totes. Strapping or banding machines are a cost effective and secure method to ensure boxes and cartons are not tampered with during shipping. Another benefit is that the printed strap can display graphics logos and messages. They are used in a number of different industries including food and packaging, pharmaceutical companies, medical companies and any other food or non food industries.

The benefits are vast:

  • Automatic banding saves time
  • High production throughput
  • Branding advertising
  • Safe shipping/logistics
  • Very easy to apply and use
  • Environmentally friendly with low maintenance


They can be stand alone machines but normally boxes or cartons are presented to the automatic banding machine via a powered conveyor. The strapping machine can be integrated into the conveyor system so that the box for strapping is coordinated. High production throughput is achieved by highly reliability, fast strapping operation with a simple proven heat seal.

Banding machines are very efficient as they use the minimum amount of electricity whilst the machine is idle. The motors include that of the conveyor stop running and don’t use any power which provides extremely high energy efficiency.

Strapping machines are designed in such as way that they can be operated by normal operations without the need of a back up maintenance team.

The team here are 2HSSL are trained to configure the most cost effective, profit maximizing automatic carton, box or tote banding system for your warehouse operations. If you want speak to one of our experts to help you with your banding machine requirements,  book your free site survey and design consultation by calling our design team today on 01937 585057 here in Yorkshire.