Banding Machines

Automated banding machines represent the most efficient means of securing boxes, cartons, and totes. Strapping or banding machines, recognized for their cost-effectiveness, provide a secure method to prevent tampering during shipping. An additional advantage lies in the ability of the printed strap to showcase graphics, logos, and messages. Widely utilized across diverse industries, including food and packaging, pharmaceuticals, medical sectors, and various other food or non-food industries.

Banding Machines Benefits

  • Time-saving through automatic banding
  • High production throughput
  • Branding and advertising opportunities
  • Ensures safe shipping and logistics
  • Simple application and usage
  • Environmentally friendly with minimal maintenance requirements

While these machines can function independently, they are typically integrated into a conveyor system, therefore streamlining the presentation of boxes or cartons. The coordination of the strapping machine with the conveyor system ensures high production throughput, achieved through reliable, swift strapping operations and a proven heat seal.

Noteworthy in their efficiency, banding machines minimize electricity consumption during idle periods. The motors, including those of the conveyor, cease running and consume no power, showcasing exceptionally high energy efficiency.

Because they are designed for user-friendly operation, strapping machines are configured to be operated by regular personnel without the necessity of a backup maintenance team.  At 2HSSL, our team is adept at configuring the most cost-effective, profit-maximizing automatic carton, box, or tote banding system for your warehouse operations. To consult with our experts on your banding machine requirements, book your free site survey and design consultation by calling our design team today at 01937 585057 here in Yorkshire.

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