Carton Live Storage

Carton live storage is a storage system for smaller items like cartons and boxes. It uses rollers or wheels to create a live storage area for easy access and retrieval.

The system includes bays or compartments divided into levels. Each level has rollers or wheels for easy movement and access from the front. A guide rail keeps items in the correct position and prevents jams.

Carton live storage is commonly used in warehouses and distribution centers, particularly for frequently accessed or high turnover items. It can be loaded from the back and picked from the front, without interrupting the picking process. It can also be integrated with other storage systems like pallet racking or shelving for a more efficient storage solution.

Carton Live Flow GraphicCarton Live Storage Advantages

Carton live storage systems offer several benefits for warehouse and distribution operations, including:

Increased storage density
Carton live storage allows for the storage of a greater number of smaller items in a smaller space, increasing storage density and efficiency.

Improved inventory management
Easy access to stored items, making it easy to track inventory levels and ensure that items are always in stock.

Faster and efficient picking
The system can be loaded from the back and picked from the front, this way the loading and unloading of the system does not interrupt the picking process and makes the picking process faster and more efficient.

Easily configured and reconfigured to meet changing storage needs.

Better use of space
Allow for the optimal use of available warehouse space by adjusting the rack levels to fit the specific needs of the stored products.

Improved safety
Designed to prevent items from getting jammed or stuck in the system, which improves safety for workers.

Cost-effective option for warehouses that need to store a variety of different small items and need to access them frequently.

Can be easily scaled up or down as per the requirement of the warehouse

Carton Live Shelving

Carton Live Storage Solutions

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