Free Site Surveys

2h Storage Solutions offer free site surveys for pallet racking and warehouse layouts and design, from our head office just off the M1 North of Leeds.

We can be on your site within 48hrs to carry out a full site survey looking at you buildings and the product or equipment you wish to store in your pallet racking or warehouse.

We offer a full range of services for all storage equipment specialising in APR adjustable pallet racking designs, supply and installation.

We can supply full AutoCAD and PDF layout drawings showing the racking layout in your building in plan view. With elevations drawings showing the pallet racking bay profile with beam heights. We work with a wide range of racking designs storing lightweight boxes through to 30 tonne bay loads for heavy engineering projects. We can advise on aisle sizes to maximise your warehouse capacity why maintaining sensible working aisles for fork lift trucks to pick and deposit pallets in the racking bays.

The racking can be design and installed to include both double and singles run racks with pallet racking accessories like anti collapse mesh, timber and mesh decking for your beam levels and other pallet racking accessories. We can advise on pallet racking end barriers and upright protection as part of your free site survey.
We can advise and design your pallet racking system and layout to your companies bespoke requirements from both standard and special components. So call 2h Storage today for free advice and a site survey to get your new pallet racking project planned and designed by Yorkshires leading warehouse storage experts.


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