Should I buy New or Used Pallet Racking?

Pallet racking systems remain some of the most reliable storage systems found in almost any warehouse. They allow for easy access to goods, efficient order fulfilment and acceptable material handling times, serving as the backbone to countless operations around the country.

However, the cost of purchasing and installing a brand new pallet racking system can prove prohibitive to some businesses. This opens up questions about whether you should install a new system, or purchase used pallet racking instead. Here are some tips that can help make your mind up.

Advantages of used pallet racking

For companies working in smaller facilities who need basic components such as beams for vertical storage or upright frames, these can often be purchased for relatively low prices. If you are aware of any warehouses closing down their operations or downsizing, you may be able to get good deals here.

Purchasing used pallet racking also works well as a short term measure if you cannot afford to relocate to a larger premises. This allows you to expand where possible in your current premises without spending too much or eating into your relocation budget.

Before any investment is made on purchasing used pallet racking, always check its condition and enquire about its age. This is important not only for the value you’ll get but also for potential replacements down the line. If the manufacturer no longer produces placements or you cannot source them from any other supplier, this will probably not be a good choice.

Disadvantages of used pallet racking

The most obvious concern when buying used pallet racking is knowing how long it will remain in good working order. You are very unlikely to receive a manufacturer’s warranty as that would have expired under the previous owner. Higher levels of maintenance may be required which could mean spending more money in the long run.

Before spending money on used pallet racking check it will still allow you to meet building and fire regulations. If you are unable to meet the required standard, and the manufacturer is no longer in business, your company may struggle to find a way to resolve this issue.

Used pallet racking won’t be designed to fit specifically into your operations or warehouse space. New racking allows you to identify exactly what you need to optimise your supply chain. Your buying options are smaller with used pallet racking, which could negatively impact your work processes.

Buying new pallet racking systems

Investing in new pallet racking will allow you to easily expand to meet your growing operations in years to come. Any repairs or maintenance required can also be handled by the supplier quickly and effectively. This gives you peace of mind that issues can be resolved promptly without affecting your daily throughput.

You will also get a brand new warranty with a new racking system. This will save money should anything go wrong as replacements can be quickly sourced and installed. The extra you pay for a new pallet racking system upfront will invariably save you a lot more money in the long run.

Safety in the warehouse is always of paramount importance. New racking will be clearly labelled with maximum weight thresholds and can even be properly installed by the supplier. This will help avoid any safety issues so workers are completely safe while using it every day.

Lastly, a new pallet racking system can be designed and customised exactly to the specifications of your warehouse, if required. It ensures you get the best use out of the space available to you. This is particularly important for businesses who want to consolidate without having to spend more money on moving to a larger facility.