How to alter Dexion and Link 51 pallet racking frames?

Do you need know how to alter Dexion and Link 51 pallet racking frames? Here at 2h Storage we have increased and decreased the height, and depths of pallet racking frames to fit different pallets and stock requirements.

This is done by changing components, pallet racking uprights, bracing and splice kits, however this must be done to the manufactures specifications and SEMA guidelines. A well-meaning warehouse manager or engineering manager could potentially alter pallet racking making it unsafe for the loads required.

There are many things to consider and something as simple as changing the first beam height could reduce the racks loading capacity leaving it unsafe.

It can be done safely but there are different types and grades of simple things like bracing that to the untrained eye look the same, for instance Link 51 have more than one type of bracing for a 900mm or 1100mm and other depths of pallet racking frames. The standard bracing is often upgraded to a heavier duty so if you are increasing frame depths, heights or loads you will need professional advice before proceeding with the alterations.

You may also need to change the loadings on the load notice again you will need to have the new loadings calculated depending of a variety of criteria. The use of splice kits is safe as long as they are above the first beam, however there are different criteria for Dexion splice use and Link 51 splice use so it must be done by a professional racking company.

Uprights, base plates and most of the other components of pallet racking will affect its loading capabilities. More importantly the individual configurations of these components also affects the load capabilities and safety of the pallet racking. So it is vital that professional advice is taking prior to the alteration of pallet racking frames and configuration.

If you need to alter the height, beam heights, depth or weight loadings of your pallet racking give our design and technical team a call here at 2h Storage on 01937 585057 for safe professional advice.