Multi-tier Conveyor System and Chute Installation

Conveyor and Chute Design and Installation for a Warehouse & Fulfilment Centre in Yorkshire

Project requirements:
 Conveyor and Chute Design, technical and structural pallet racking loadings, reprofiling & installation.

Project investment: £24K

Project detail: 2h Storage Solutions worked with this customer as they integrated their largest client into the business. This included reprofiling existing pallet racking to provide buffer storage for pallets above 2m with unit pick faces of product stored below on timber decks. Provision was also mad to accommodate an over rack mezzanine floor at a later date.

A multi-tier conveyor system and chute were designed and installed on an existing mezzanine floor to improve order fulfilment. This improved the fulfilment rate by driving efficiency of the entire picking process. With such large volumes of individual orders needing to be picked and collated daily all aspects of the processes need to be reviewed and suitable recommendations made to ensure for future expansion.

Pallet Racking Reprofiling

Conveyor and Chute case study

Chute Design Installation
Pallet Racking Reprofiling
Pallet Racking Reprofiling