Is straightening pallet racking uprights safe?

straightening pallet racking uprightsThe straightening of pallet racking uprights using a jig and a hydraulic ram and other similar methods has been deemed as unacceptable by SEMA the Storage Equipment Manufacturers Association in their recent technical bulletin.

SEMA points out that once straightened using this method the warranty and original capabilities of the straighten upright have changed and the loading notice can no longer be calculated using the manufactures structural tables. The challenge then being for those who inspect pallet racking is that they cannot tell if uprights have been straightened and those capabilities changed.

More importantly SEMA advises that once this repair has been carried out that those responsible for the repair not only take on the responsibility for the repaired section but for the complete installation. This in affect removes all liabilities and warranties that have previously been associated with the original manufacture.

SEMA notes that under: HSE guideline on Warehousing and Storage, HSG 76, states categorically in clause 633 that “all racking systems should be of good mechanical construction, of sound material, adequate strength and installed and maintained in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions.”

Another valid point is raised by SEMA that these repairs have in the past been carried out without the unloading of pallets and loads from the racking. The obvious danger being not only the possibility of moving or collapsing pallets during the repair but the danger of leaving damaged racking loaded while waiting for the repairs to be carried out. It is well known in the pallet racking and warehousing industries that damaged pallet racking of a “RED” nature requires immediate offloading.

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