FIFO first in first out dispatch systems

Do you need a FIFO or first in first out dispatch system for your warehouse? Here at 2h Storage we have provided a wide range of FIFO systems for cardboard boxes and cartons, plastic boxes and full and half pallets.

These systems are bespoke and tailor-made using standard components making them cost effective and simple to maintain or repair if any damage occurs.

FIFO semi-automated dispatch systems have two main advantages over conventional racking and shelving systems. The first is the improved dispatch times with some of our customers reporting 100% improvements in dispatch times.

The second is increased pick accuracy rates with individual products being assigned a lane and or levels position it is far easier for pickers of pallets or boxes to complete multi order picks with fewer costly mistakes.

These systems are designed to work with your range of products and can cope with a variety of weights and sizes in the same pick locations. We have a test facility that allows us to test your product prior to the final design being signed off giving you complete certainty that the system provided will work quickly and efficiently with your products. We also provide full CAD drawings of the system and can mark out the site prior to us installing to provide the minimum disruption to your working schedules. We can also advise on building regulations, point loadings and other associated professional services.

Value engineering: The design of the system is tailored for the exact number of pick faces and your maximum weight loadings so the cost of the system is kept to the minimum giving you the maximum return on investment. In fact with a 100% pick rate you can potentially double the amount of product dispatched or half the staff levels required for this process.

For more information on the possible solutions for a FIFO first in first out picking and dispatch system call our design team here at 2h Storage for a free site survey and consultation.