Two Tier Storage Platform York

Shelving supported two tier storage platform for food distribution centre in York

Project requirements: Design, technical and structural loadings, and installation.

Project investment: £10K

Project detail: 2h Storage Solutions were commissioned by a longstanding and well respected food distribution company. To design a solution that maximised the building height and storage density while still allowing pedestrian pickers to operate in the shelving.

This innovative solution allows pickers to access the upper tier of the storage by using a built in walkway from an existing mezzanine floor. The original concept had been a further mezzanine with free standing shelving below and above. This design saved the need for an expensive mezzanine floor simply using the shelving to support the walkway above. This saved the customer thousands of pounds and also offered a more efficient and usable solution.

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TwoTierStorage Mezzanine Platform York
Mesh Safety Netting
free standing shelving
2 Tier Shelving System Drawings