End of Line Automation

Here at 2h Storage Solutions we design and install end of line automation solutions for the food processing and packing industry. We have proven solutions for the automation of bagged or boxed products, heat sealed stretch wrapped or flow wrapped. Integrating packaging machines into a smooth-running line efficiently is paramount in order to make a profitable contribution to its business owners.

The majority of manufacturers and packaging warehouses today use pallets to distribute their product efficiently. A number of standard stretch wrappers and box tapers are available, but there are many ways to customise them to suit your individual business needs.

Automatic and semi-automatic systems can provide tremendous performance and speed to any production line. There are standard conveyorized stretch wrappers that can wrap up to 120 loads per hour, but just 20 pallet loads per day can justify the introduction of a stretch wrapper to a line. We can supply packaging machinery that is modular in nature but which can be integrated into full or partially automated production lines. The degree of automation can vary and depends on complexity and needs.

Each warehouse and packaging lines are unique. Some of the questions we ask to ensure we deliver the right system for your business are:

  • How many pallets or boxes are you wrapping each day?
  • How many pallets or boxes are you wrapping per hour?
  • Is your product perishable?
  • Are your products heavy or light?
  • How large is your warehouse?

These are just some of the many questions which need to be answered to ascertain what level of performance is necessary in a stretch wrapper or box taper for your end of line.

All of the solutions we offer will result in reduced labour costs, reduced downtime and waste and increased productivity. An efficient and productive packaging line is what all business need in today’s increasingly competitive industry.

Our experts will analysis your business process and help you implement the most cost effective and operationally efficient solution. From the initial conception to completion you can enjoy the certainty of a successful project with 2HSSL.