Warehouse Control Systems

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In today’s fast-paced logistics environment, warehouses are under increasing pressure to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and productivity. This is where Warehouse Control Systems (WCS) play a crucial role. WCS are software applications designed to manage and optimize various warehouse processes, from inventory management to order fulfillment, with precision and efficiency. Key Features of Warehouse Control Systems … Read more

Resilient Rebound: Warehouse Construction and Automation Trends Signal Recovery

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Interact Analysis’ latest research reveals a rebound in warehouse construction after a slowdown in 2022 and 2023. The dip was prompted by a plateau in e-commerce growth and higher interest rates, curtailing investments in real estate. However, signs are emerging of e-commerce stabilizing and reverting to pre-pandemic growth rates. Additionally, disruptions in supply chains due … Read more

Time to Embrace Warehouse Automation Technology

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The past 12 months have been challenging for businesses, factories and warehouses across the UK.  To say that we are living in unprecedented times feels like an understatement. The impact of COVID has impacted everybody and every business.  E-commerce has boomed and this trend is set to continue.  Online shopping is not going anywhere. Even … Read more

The Evolution of Warehouse Automation Technology

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With new warehouse automation technology emerging all the time today’s working environment has quickly evolved from what it once was. Complex systems requiring extensive training are now becoming much more user friendly both to operate and maintain making the technology fairly commonplace throughout the industry. Trends For years the trends in almost all sectors have … Read more

Automation Improves Warehousing and Materials Handling

Automated picking and storage systems

With online retail now dictating how many warehouse facilities are run companies of all sizes are finding increasing challenges when it comes to meeting consumer demand. This in turn has created an added scrutiny on the existing methods and processes that may already be in place and has driven a need for increased efficiency. Automation … Read more

End of Line Automation

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End of Line Automation Solutions 2h Storage Solutions specializes in designing and installing end of line automation solutions tailored for the food processing and packing industry. Our proven solutions automate the packaging of bagged or boxed products, whether they’re heat-sealed, stretch-wrapped, or flow-wrapped. We integrate packaging machines seamlessly into your production line to maximize efficiency … Read more

How to choose the right systems integrator for your DC automation project

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When planning your DC automation project one of the most important decision you will have to consider is which vendor will you utilise for your systems integrator. The system integrator’s role will be pivotal in bringing all the elements together, ensuring there is full software communication and integration with your equipment, they will maximise the … Read more

Reasons to Automate your WarehouseWCS,

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There comes a time when you’re considering hiring new staff due to orders increasing, or perhaps you’re just outgrowing your old system.  This is when it might be worth considering automating your warehouse processes.  Pretty much all of the day to day operations can be automated. Some of the reasons to automate your warehouse include … Read more

Packaging Automation System Yorkshire

automated packaging systems

Multi-tier mezzanine floor automated packaging system for multi-site shoe retailer Yorkshire Project requirements: Functional design specification, mechanical, electrical, controls and control programming, installation and commissioning of fully automated and computer logic controlled conveyor and packing system. Project investment: CIRCA £100K Project detail: 2h Storage Solutions carried out the complete design, build, installation and commissioning of fully automated picking and … Read more