Extending the height of pallet racking

Is extending the height of pallet racking possible? This is a popular question with those who have spare space above there pallet racking or are moving pallet racking to a taller building.

There are lots of cases where extending the height of pallet racking is possible. However it does depend on a number of variables. The main consideration is the type and make of the racking as well as the additional loadings being increased by additional beam levels.

So the first thing to find out is what make of racking you have our technical team can help with this if you need any advice please call us on 01937 585 057. Once you know your racking is suitable to be extended in height you need to consider the frame loading capabilities.

For instance if you currently have four beam levels with 2000kgs capabilities per level and you have an 8000kg bay load. This is fine however if you then increase the height and add a further beam level and an additional pair of 2000kg beams you would need either to uprate the frame structure to increase the beam load or down rate the beams to 1600kgs. There are also many other considerations like the height to depth ratio and changes to base plates and fixings. Another issue although uncommon is the point loading per base plate this is often over looked even by some installers. Without robust detail or as built drawings for the floor slab you could potentially be erecting a very dangerous structure.

If you have any doubts or concerns about making any alteration you must consult a competent person, even moving beams levels by a 75mm can affect the capabilities of the racking. If you would like any further advice our design and technical department would be pleased to take your call.