Tips for buying used pallet racking

If you are looking for a new pallet racking installation, used pallet racking can be the best option but not always. So for larger or more bespoke pallet racking installations always compare the price of new and used pallet racking.

For some installations the majority of the costs can be in the hire of a scissor lift or other plant with the racking installers being a large part of the cost so always get a comparison with new pallet racking.

It is also important that you get the correct pallet racking for your products, stock and pallets so pay attention to the weight loadings of both the pallet racking beams and the pallet racking frames. This is usually described as pallet racking beam and bay loads.

For instance a pair of beams may have a UDL of 2T but if you have 5 pairs of beams making up five levels per bay and the maximum weight loading the frames or upright duties is 8000kgs that means at 2T per pair of beams it will only hold 4 beam levels.

Also consider the type and orientation of the pallets to be stored, the most popular used pallet racking frames are 900mm and 1100mm deep other frame sizes can be less useful and also harder to find. If you need to add to your racking or get used pallet racking spares for repairs other pallet racking frame sizes can be more difficult to find, particularly if you need 5mtr frames or higher.

Also consider the different manufactures of pallet racking LINK 51, Dexion, Redi Rack, Apex, PSS, HiLo, Finspar, Polypal, Stakapal, Sperrin, SSI Schaefer, Esmena, and Stow. These are some of the most common in the UK. If you are looking for used pallet racking used Dexion pallet racking and used Link 51 are probably the best bet as spares and additional beams and frames are more readily available used.

So for used pallet racking go for a 900mm or 1100mm pallet racking frames with a popular beam like a 2700mm used link 51 or 2700mm used Dexion pallet racking beams 2T, we can arrange delivery of used pallet racking from our warehouse in Yorkshire.