Enhancing Warehouse Operations: The Significance of Warehouse Signage in Safety and Efficiency

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In the dynamic realm of warehouse management, where meticulous organization and safety measures are paramount, the role of effective warehouse signage cannot be overstated. Warehouse signage stands as a pivotal tool, not just for navigating large warehouse spaces but for bolstering safety protocols and optimizing operational efficiency. Importance of Clear Signage in Warehouses Safety First: … Read more

Pallet Racking Inspection Checklist

Pallet Racking Inspections North East

In the United Kingdom, the safety regulations for pallet racks are set by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) and the Storage Equipment Manufacturers’ Association (SEMA). These regulations cover the design, installation, and maintenance of pallet racking systems. Regular inspections of pallet racking systems are essential to ensure the safety and structural integrity of the … Read more

Pallet racking inspections: why are they important?

One of the most common questions we are asked by customers is “Does racking have to be inspected?” From a health and safety point of view the answer is always yes. It ensures your staff and goods are safeguarded as much as possible. Your storage systems are one of the most important parts of your … Read more

10 ways To Improve Warehouse Safety

There are a number of risks involved with working in a warehouse, depending on the type of work processes your business follows. It’s imperative that you have stringent safety measures in place to protect employees and business assets, and with HSE estimating the cost of ill health and injuries due to working conditions to be … Read more

How to avoid accidents in the warehouse

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Safety in any warehouse facility should be of paramount importance for every business. Cutting corners and not following correct procedures can lead to serious accidents and costly consequences for the company as a whole. In an environment that has a lot of risks and movement of objects and machinery, staff will only feel secure if … Read more

Why is it so important to inspect your warehouse racking

Safety Barriors for Dexion P90 racking

Ensuring your warehouse has a regular pallet racking inspection is paramount. The fact is that the warehouse was an accident waiting to happen. For such a tragedy to occur the fault can only lie with the company running the warehouse which had not installed the storage system correctly, or conducted any subsequent inspections. Had there … Read more

How to improve the safety of your warehouse

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Being in charge of any team of people is a huge responsibility, and because of this you will need to make sure that you are taking their safety absolutely seriously. With this being true, you may need to make some changes with regards to the way that your warehouse runs. Luckily, there are many things … Read more

Pallet Racking Design Increases Safety and Productivity

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One of our long standing customers approached us with a requirement to improve efficiencies and productivity in one of their warehouses. Having worked with the company over many years we had a basic understanding of their operation. Taking time to develop a ‘User Requirement Specification’ which in turn helped produce the ‘Functional Design Specification’ we … Read more

How to Reduce Product Damage in your Warehouse?

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Product damage in warehouse manufacturing operations is inevitable.  Some products will get broken.  Broken products can cost a company thousands of pounds. But there are things you can do to reduce product damage in warehouse operations. To minimize the cost of inventory damage you know to learn how to reduce product damage in the warehouse. Tip … Read more

Warehouse Safety Netting

Close up of of Anti Collapse Mesh Safety Screens

Are you looking for warehouse safety netting? Do you need mezzanine floor safety netting to prevent the potential hazard of falling product or stock? Here at 2h Storage Solutions we provide a full design, supply and installation service for all types of warehouse and production facilities from pallet racking, mezzanine floors and conveyors through to … Read more