What to do when your Pallet Racking System becomes Obsolete?

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Navigating Obsolescence: A Guide to Revitalizing Your Pallet Racking System Introduction: Pallet racking systems play a pivotal role in the efficiency and organization of warehouses. However, as technology advances and business needs evolve, the inevitable issue of obsolescence arises. Recognizing when your pallet racking system has become outdated is crucial for maintaining a smooth and … Read more

How much does pallet racking cost?

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The cost of pallet racking depends on the type of pallet racking needed. There are a number of different types of racking including drive-in racking, adjustable racking, narrow-aisle, double deep and cantilever. There is no pallet racking cost calculator as every warehouse is different. The type of stock held in the warehouse will determine which … Read more

Top tips for buying used pallet racking

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When buying used pallet racking just like new you get what you pay for so don’t be tempted to buy that bargain racking. Make sure you get the correct racking for your pallet weight loads and for more complex installations seek a professional design. Don’t be tempted to buy cheap used racking from less common … Read more

Pallet racking safety tips


Pallet racking systems are one of the most widely used form of storage units, supporting warehouses and storage facilities across the UK. Safety should always be at the forefront of your operations and there are some basic things you can do to protect your racking and the people that use it. Here are some essential … Read more

10 Benefits of using Push Back Racking

Push Back Racking

  Push back racking may be a relatively new storage solution but an increasing amount of companies are beginning to enjoy the benefits they provide to their facilities. This is especially true for organisations that consistently need to store large and/or heavy loads. If you are considering installing push back racking, here are 10 benefits … Read more

Why is it so important to inspect your warehouse racking

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Ensuring your warehouse has a regular pallet racking inspection is paramount. The fact is that the warehouse was an accident waiting to happen. For such a tragedy to occur the fault can only lie with the company running the warehouse which had not installed the storage system correctly, or conducted any subsequent inspections. Had there … Read more

Re-configuring Pallet Racking Services

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Dismantling pallet racking, reconfiguring pallet racking and reinstalling pallet racking in Yorkshire. Are you looking to take down pallet racking extend or alter pallet racking before reinstalling pallet racking in another location or site? Here at 2h Storage we often provide dismantling pallet racking and reconfiguring. What we offer: Remove and dismantle pallet racking Buy … Read more

Pallet Racking Safety

Pallet racking safety, is my pallet racking safe? Thinking about pallet racking safety, is my pallet racking safe?  The safety of pallet racking is very important as it could cost lives not to mention damaged goods. So it is best left to experienced professional pallet racking safety inspectors. A good guide is if your pallet … Read more

Best types of warehouse racking

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Many people ask us here at 2h Storage the “what are the best types of warehouse racking”, the answer really depends on the end users unique set of requirements. Considerations like the buildings height, layouts, the clients budgets, type of product and pick rate all effect what product is the best warehouse racking for that … Read more