Best types of warehouse racking

Many people ask us here at 2h Storage the “what are the best types of warehouse racking”, the answer really depends on the end users unique set of requirements. Considerations like the buildings height, layouts, the clients budgets, type of product and pick rate all effect what product is the best warehouse racking for that client.
By far the most popular type of warehouse or pallet racking is APR or adjustable pallet racking with drive in being the second most popular. There are lots of other and more complex systems but most 3rd party distributors, logistics and production facilities use APR or drive in.


There are also many different types of pallet racking types, most work on the same principle of beams and frames. They include Link 51, Apex, RediRack, Dexion and many more the majority are built up either on site or in the factory from component parts. The frames are usually made up of 2 base plates, with shims and fixings, bolted to the uprights these are then connected by horizontal and diagonal bracing to form the pallet racking frames. Then the beams and beam locks are added to complete the system with additional items like row spacers for double entry racks and additional items like spreader plates to assist with spreading the loads over concrete floor slabs. RediRack does stand out as a product because the frames are of a welded construction rather than bolted. This product now comes with a leg section that can be replaced if damaged.


The RediRack system has the advantage of strength and a relatively slim design but apart from the leg section the frames cannot really be cost effectively repaired. This system suits some customers and not others. The best way to decide on the best type or warehouse racking is to ask for advice from a specialist installer here at 2h Storage we are always pleased to offer some free advice. You can give us a call or we can come and visit your site to discuss the best options for your needs and budget.