Improving Dispatch Efficiency with Pallet Racking and Semi-Automated Systems

Gravity Feed Picking Systems for Enhanced Speed and Accuracy

When dealing with individual or smaller boxed products, a gravity feed picking system can be highly effective. This system utilizes roller beds or tracks to present products to pickers, resulting in faster picking speeds and improved accuracy. Investing in such a system is a one-time cost with minimal maintenance requirements, ensuring long-term benefits for your facility.

Push Back Pallet Racking for Faster Loading

For dispatching pallets, utilizing a push-back system can expedite the loading process. This system allows for the loading of pallets into designated lanes, which are then aligned with specific dispatch locations. As a wagon awaits loading, a single driver can easily retrieve pallets from the front of the racking block, allowing for swift loading. With push-back pallet racking, the next pallet automatically rolls forward, ready for picking upon the driver’s return.

Maximize Storage Capacity and Dispatch Speed

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Investing in pallet racking and semi-automated dispatch systems is paramount for streamlining operations and meeting customer demands in large distribution or production facilities. With the right systems in place, you can significantly improve dispatch efficiency, reduce waiting times, and ultimately enhance overall productivity.

If you are looking to increase storage capacity of speed up dispatch times, call our expert team here at 2h Storage Solutions for free advice on the best products and racking systems on 01937 585057.