Pallet racking and semi automated dispatch systems

Often in a large distribution or production facility it can be a challenge to dispatch goods in the time required to hit customer delivery deadlines.

One of the most effective solutions is to allow a semi automated or gravity feed system to present pickers or goods out with cartons, boxes or pallets. This can be achieved in a number of ways depending on your unique products and requirements.

When dispatching individual or smaller boxed products use of a gravity feed picking system where products are presented to the pickers on roller beds of tracks can increase speed and picking accuracy dramatically. This one off investment will serve you for many years with little or no maintenance.

If you are dispatching pallets using a push back system will increase the rate at which wagons can be loaded reducing driver waiting time and allowing you to produce and clear products faster.

With push back pallet racking pallets are loaded into lanes that can be designated for a particular customer to dispatch location. Then when a wagon is waiting to be loaded a single driver can collect the pallets from the front of the racking block and load each pallet. When they return to the rack the next pallet have automatically rolled safely forward and is ready to be picked.

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