Integrated Picking and Dispatch Conveyor Projects

Integrated picking and dispatch conveyor projects for the North East

If you’re dealing with a large volume of dispatch orders, fulfilling them may involve straightforward product creation, but efficiently dispatching multiple or small orders can present logistical challenges.
We offer a range of solutions to streamline various potential bottlenecks in the dispatch process.

Pallet Picking Solutions

We provide options to fast pick pallets, from pushback pallet racking to shuttle systems, increasing pallet pick rates.

For dispatching smaller items to individual retailers, you may benefit from gravity feed picking systems, which can be tiered for maximum efficiency and space utilization.

These systems integrate seamlessly with barcode and computer-controlled inventory systems, ensuring better accuracy and increased dispatch speed.

Conveyor Systems for Dispatch

Once products are picked and ready for dispatch, the next crucial step is often overlooked but offers significant improvement opportunities.

Driven or gravity conveyor systems can efficiently transport products, offering a buffer between picking and final dispatch.

They also allow for the integration of auto taping and labeling machines, further enhancing dispatch rates and accuracy.

Optimizing Pallet Re-Palletization

After orders are picked, they may need to be grouped and re-palletized for collection by wagons.

Pushback racking facilitates efficient re-palletization by region, reducing loading times and optimizing floor space.

With pushback racking, pallets are loaded by region, allowing for quick and organized loading when wagons arrive.

This streamlined process dramatically reduces loading times and minimizes the floor space required for dispatch racking.

If you have a project and need further advice, contact one of our project managers at 01937 585 057 to explore options for making your dispatch team faster and more profitable.

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