How much does pallet racking cost?

The cost of pallet racking depends on the type of pallet racking needed. There are a number of different types of racking including drive-in racking, adjustable racking, narrow-aisle, double deep and cantilever. There is no pallet racking cost calculator as every warehouse is different.

The type of stock held in the warehouse will determine which type of pallet racking is required. Every application is different, as a result this means costs can vary. Also the amount of racking required are factors which influence the overall cost.

To estimate how much pallet racking is needed is best done by professionals. There are so many variations involved. The amount of floor space involved needs to be looks at. The height of the building and racking. The required number of tiers and access equipment need to be taken into consideration. All of these influence how much pallet racking is require which will have an effect of the cost involved.

Should I buy second-hand racking?

Buying high quality used pallet racking can definitely help make your budget go further. What is of paramount importance is safe pallet racking. One factor to consider when buying used racking is trying to figure out which parts have been replaced or fixed. Are they even genuine? With well known brands there is more change that replacement parts are genuine. However this is not definite.

Used racking should conform to the latest FEM 10-2-02 and S.E.M.A design codes of practice. This is the recognised standard in the UK and Europe. Any used racking or equipment should be SEMA approved which means it has been inspected and tested before being sold.

How much weight can pallet racking hold?

This again varies. The amount of weight that a pallet rack can hold is different from manufacturer to manufacturer. Also this will depend on size and design of the racking. Standard pallet racks have a load capacity of around 2,500 pounds. This is another important factor to consider when buying used racking. Ensuring racking is suitable for the required goods to store is paramount.

What is galvanised pallet racking?

Galvanised pallet racking is where the metal racking has been galvanised to provide long term corrosion protection. Galvanized steel is where clean steel has been coated in zinc. Steel is made of iron which will rust when exposed to moisture or humidity. Galvanized steel is intended for prolonged outdoor use. Hot-dipped galvanized steel can last for about 70 years in many different environments.