Relocation – Pallet Racking Design and Layout

If your looking to relocate your warehouse or streamline your supply chain, 2h Storage Solutions can help.  Once you have found the right location get in touch with us.  We can help you ensure you have the right layout that not only increases your storage capacity but will also improve productivity too. Our experts can explain the key elements that need to be considered in warehouse design.

Moving warehouses or altering distribution processes can be a daunting.  We take all that stress away by planning and organising the whole project.  From our experience each relocation project comes with its own unique challenges.  A detailed planning and communication is paramount. With our experience we can ensure you warehouse relocation runs as smoothly as possible.

Pallet Racking Design and Layout

The first thing we take into consideration when planning a layout is the product being stored or how the operation works. You could have six thousand identical pallets or fifty different items, but the basic design principles are the same. More often than not a relocation is due to needing more space.  If the objective is to maximise storage space,  getting the design correct from the start is important.

However, have you considered future operations?  You might have new product ranges which will also need considering.  Next we need to consider access. How often will you need to access items? Some businesses need instance access to thousands of items while others will be able to archive most of their stored inventory. The most efficient space storage is to block stack everything into a neat pile with no gaps. But if you need the item at the back or at the bottom it means moving everything. So we work backwards from this for palletised goods the next highest density storage system is drive in pallet racking. This is not suitable if you need access to every pallet so then a narrow aisle APR system offers the next best density.

There are a number of issues to consider including building size, fire doors, fork lift truck specification, lighting and the list goes on.  Often local building inspectors and fire inspectors are involved in the new warehouse planning.  Escape routes, sprinklers and car parking can all be influenced by the authorities.  We can take all these headaches away as this is what we do day in day out.

Reuse racking or buy new?

We are often asked if existing racking could be used. This all depends on the reasons for the move and the new design.  Sometimes you can reuse existing racking.  But if you need new racking the old racking could always be sold and we maybe able to offer a part exchange deal.  We work closely with all the major racking manufacturers.

Why choose 2h storage solutions?

2h Storage Solutions are a a truly independent family run business which offer a full range of pallet racking and warehouse services.  Warehouse design and installation for relocation are what we do.

We cover the North East of England including areas in and around County Durham, Tyne and Wear,  Northumberland and Yorkshire.  Leeds, Newcastle, Hartlepool Newcastle upon Tyne, Middlesbrough, Sunderland, Gateshead, Darlington and Durham.  Offering warehouse solutions for the whole of Yorkshire offering warranty, piece of mind and on going support.