How mobile shelving systems can benefit businesses

The use of powered mobile shelving continues to grow in businesses across the UK. These unique and innovative solutions bring with them a great number of benefits that improve both the efficiency and the space saving options in almost any working environment. When searching for new storage space it must be able to integrate with your current operations and the dimensions of your workspace. Find out how mobile shelving systems can benefit businesses below.

Placement flexibility

Just because you position a piece of furniture in one place in the office, it doesn’t mean it has to stay there forever. There are a number of reasons why you may need to reconfigure the office space: perhaps you have new staff members joining, or want to maximise the space available, or simply just want to refresh the atmosphere.

Powered mobile shelving can be relocated to a new spot in the workplace or office whenever you need, so you are always in control of the layout. Mobile shelving is a highly adaptable system that can be moved without it becoming unstable or damaged in the process.

Moving to new premises

Every business wants to continue growing and expanding wherever possible. At some point this will hopefully lead to seeking out new, larger premises that will be able to sustain your growth. In-turn you will then have more room to employ extra staff and a workspace that serves as a foundation for your continued success.

When you purchase powered mobile shelving you do not have to leave it behind when you relocate the business. It can be transported and reassembled once you arrive in your new location. This makes it a long-term investment, rather than a short-term stop-gap that only works for your current set-up.

Office partitioning

Open plan offices are becoming more common place, especially in newly constructed buildings. While it has its advantages, it does make it more difficult to separate divisions and teams as you can do with physical walls and partitions. Powered mobile shelving can also be used as a solution in this instance, acting as a divider between work areas, while also providing functional storage space.

For businesses that use in-house sales teams this can be of huge benefit. As they are on the phone throughout the day they tend to create more noise, and mobile shelving works as an acoustic barrier of sorts to absorb and keep the conversations restricted to their area of the office.

Modular shelving system

Not every business can afford to move to a new location, even if their business is undergoing a sustained period of growth. This creates a conundrum of needing to find more space, but not having the funding to support it. Installing powered mobile shelving is a great way to solve this issue.

The systems can be up and running in a very short space of time and enable you to increase your storage space without having to spend a fortune. And because these are modular systems, you can add, or remove, extra parts as and when you need.

Make the most of office space

To become a more efficient business you will want to make the most of the space you have available. Work processes can then become more streamlined and with better organisation comes improved work practises and more successful outcomes.

Using powered mobile shelving means you do not have to dramatically change the layout of the office so it negatively affects important areas. These flexible system remove the need for large access aisles, while increasing storage capacity and maximising the space in your business.