Are you looking for advice on the best or most efficient warehouse layouts and types of pallet racking systems? Do you need advice on pallet types, pallet racking layouts, building surveys, capacity surveys or simply need to know the most efficient layouts and inventory stock volumes? If you have answered yes to any of these questions you need to call 2h Storage today.  Let us conduct a free of charge site survey and advise you on the best systems for your warehousing.

The goal of good warehouse layout design is to optimise your warehouse functions to achieve maximum efficiency using the space available. Perhaps you are considering narrow aisles, high bay, drive in, push back or a pallet live system to speed up pick and dispatch rates? There are many options available for large warehousing and production facilities which is why its important to get an experts opinion one what is best for your space and operations.

If you are involved in warehousing, logistics, distribution or pallet storage why not talk to our expert team here at 2h Storage before you make a large investment in pallet racking and warehouse equipment. We can provide you with advice on all types of pallet racking and storage systems on what type and specification of fork lift truck will give you the most efficient operation and pick rates and how simple layout changes can increase storage capacity and ultimately profitability.

If you need advice on warehousing in Yorkshire and the North of England, call our  team on 01937 585 057 for more information on the most efficient warehouse layout for your facility.