A Look At Warehouse Office Possibilities

Here at 2h Storage Solutions, we’re proud to help companies throughout Yorkshire and the North East with all of their storage needs. We understand that sometimes you just need a few metres of racking and other times a long-term, bigger storage solution is needed. We have helped a number of local companies put together the perfect combination of storage and office space because we understand the need for both to be able to work together in order to support your business fully.

Having an office area directly in your warehouse can have many benefits for business operators. But, warehouse space is often at a premium and a suitable location that does not eat into the available, premium ground floor goods space is rarely available in existing configurations.

How much Office Space Do You Really Need?

Offices have changed greatly over the last decade. Many systems that used to be fully paper-based, are now being based on digital platforms or apps that run from dedicated tablets. This introduction of paperless technology has reduced the need for larger offices in many industries, some no longer have the need for an extensive, often separate, office space to run their operations.

Simply constructing an office space on the ground floor of a warehouse can be an option for those with plenty of space. However, it’s often the ground floor space that is most highly utilised for business activities.

Minimal Disruption

With modern mezzanine floor systems, this clash of requirements between office space and warehousing can often be alleviated. Constructing a mezzanine floor may seem like a large project, but the reality is, constructing one within a warehouse is very simple and can be completed quickly with minimal disruption.

Access to your new mezzanine floor is achieved by using stairs with built-in handrails that are also very quickly installed.

Providing peace and quiet from the warehouse is important, but again constructing an office using modern methods can be achieved very quickly and effectively.

Using wall panels – double-skinned wall panels provide the insulation to keep you warm and the solid feel that keeps unwanted noise from your office. Wall panels can be either plain sections, or they can incorporate windows or doors, giving the maximum flexibility when it comes to using the space you have available efficiently.


The costs of a mezzanine floor and the office partitioning required to create an enclosed office is often low compared even to a few months’ rent for a separate building. With operating costs under scrutiny as we enter a tougher time in business, modern office enablement systems for converting warehouse space to administration space can be a great way to drastically reduce your business overheads.

Direct Management Supervision

Having an office right in the heart of your warehouse has another benefit, easy direct management of the business’s operations and daily activities. Giving managers a direct view of proceedings can be the best way to keep your operation running smoothly, and if the worst happens, your team are directly on hand to ensure the issues are swiftly dealt with so business can return to normal.

Whether you’re looking for mezzanine floors for storage, you want production floors added to a warehouse space or you’re looking for a more office type space within a warehouse we’d be delighted to help. We have been installing storage solutions like this for local companies for over 30 years, so if you have any questions about how it all works then please do not hesitate to get in touch, we’d be delighted to help you get started in the right direction.

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