Pallet Racking Leeds


2h Storage Solutions Ltd leads as the foremost suppliers and installers of pallet racking in Leeds. Additionally, we provide both new and used pallet racking, as well as warehouse storage systems, tailored to suit the demands of modern warehousing environments.

In the event that you are in the process of relocating or establishing a new warehouse in Leeds, and require expert advice regarding the layout of your pallet racking, our proficient team at 2h Storage Solutions Ltd stands ready to ensure you receive the precise solution tailored to your needs.

Furthermore, 2h Storage Solutions excels in designing pallet racking systems and layouts for Leeds, with a focus on maximizing the advantages derived from your warehouse and storage. To facilitate this, we offer complimentary site surveys and deliver comprehensive CAD drawings. Additionally, we extend valuable guidance on crucial aspects such as aisle dimensions and adherence to health and safety requirements.

From mobile pallet racking to longspan and shortspan shelving, pallet live racking, wide aisle racking, narrow aisle pallet racking, and even complete automated warehouse systems, we cover the entire spectrum. Through careful consideration of your unique requirements and challenges, we select the most fitting pallet racking solution that is both cost-effective and minimally impactful on the environment.

With a range of solutions for first-in first-out, and first-in last-out picking requirements, we can tailor the system to meet your current fleet of mechanical handling equipment.  We can also supply you with a full range of forklift trucks, reach trucks, stock pickers and electric scissor lifts.

Our pallet racking and warehouse storage solutions are held at our warehouse in Wetherby, West Yorkshire. With over 20 years experience supplying pallet racking solutions, our design consultants will help you select the right type and layouts of pallet racking for your exact requirements.

If you don’t know how to organise your storage and need help and advice on a warehouse racking system, call us today on 01937 585 057 and one of our team will be happy to help. We offer supply and installation and warehouse storage equipment for companies in Leeds and surrounding areas.

Racking Solutions

Below are some of the racking solutions we can offer customers in Leeds.  And below that you can see some of the case studies of successful pallet racking installations.

Racking Projects