Pioneering the Way Forward: Embracing Digital Warehousing for Unprecedented Efficiency and Precision

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In this age of rapid technological progress, industries worldwide are experiencing a paradigm shift, and warehousing is at the forefront of this transformation. The advent of digital warehousing has heralded an era of unparalleled efficiency, accuracy, and adaptability in the storage and handling of goods. This article delves deep into the realm of digital warehousing, … Read more

End of Line Automation

automated packaging systems

Here at 2h Storage Solutions we design and install end of line automation solutions for the food processing and packing industry. We have proven solutions for the automation of bagged or boxed products, heat sealed stretch wrapped or flow wrapped. Integrating packaging machines into a smooth-running line efficiently is paramount in order to make a … Read more

How to choose the right systems integrator for your DC automation project

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When planning your DC automation project one of the most important decision you will have to consider is which vendor will you utilise for your systems integrator. The system integrator’s role will be pivotal in bringing all the elements together, ensuring there is full software communication and integration with your equipment, they will maximise the … Read more

Pallet racking and semi automated dispatch systems

Conveyor Rollers

Often in a large distribution or production facility it can be a challenge to dispatch goods in the time required to hit customer delivery deadlines. One of the most effective solutions is to allow a semi automated or gravity feed system to present pickers or goods out with cartons, boxes or pallets. This can be … Read more